edding 800 permanent marker

  • Permanent marker for broad marking and labelling almost all materials, e.g. paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic and wood
  • The chisel nib has a stroke width of 4-12 mm
  • Waterproof and wear-resistant on almost all surfaces
  • Available in the colours black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange and brown
  • The product is refillable with edding T 25, T 100 and T 1000 refill inks
  • Suitable spare nibs (edding 800 spare nibs) are available
  • Low-odour ink with no added toluene/xylene
  • High-quality aluminium barrel

– the premium choice for large marks and clear visibility

Have you ever moved house? It can be quite an upheaval! So it’s important to keep track of things – and what better way than to mark your boxes and crates in large letters for clear visibility? With its broad chisel nib, the edding 800 permanent marker contains wear-resistant ink for long-lasting results and a smooth writing experience. You’ll be impressed by the high-quality aluminium barrel and the results in equal measure!

It applies marks to a broad range of materials, including plastic, wood, metal, glass and cardboard. In addition, the sturdy design means the waterproof, quick-drying, low-odour, lightfast marker will fit perfectly in your hand.


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