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Create a beach-style carrier bag

Blue is a refreshing color that evokes the ocean and cloudless summer skies. This year ‘Classic Blue’ has been chosen by Pantone as Color of the Year 2020. To tie in with this, our designer presents this great nautical motif and reproduced it on this canvas bag with the help of edding textile products (really a must -have for a beach visit or for shopping!). Edding textile markers and pens are ideal for light-colored fabrics such as cotton and linen. There is a choice of two dot thicknesses and no less than 20 colors, including neon shades. You can even create very complex patterns using a stencil and colored carbon paper to trace. When you have finished your creative job, fix the motif by ironing (without steam); the creation is then washable up to a temperature of 60 ° C. (Photo rights: MMOS)


Pimping up your sneakers yourself is child's play!

Whether for work during the day or for a night out; Converse sneakers never go out of style and look great with a trendy outfit any time of the day. And why not take it a step further and pimp up your cool sneakers for a truly personal style and unique, flashy image? Thanks to edding textile markers and pens, you can work smoothly and without any problems. They are available in two dot thicknesses and a choice of 20 vibrant colors, including neon shades for a particularly vibrant effect. Just come up with a design that you like and get started! And don’t forget that ‘dressed up’ slogans can have just as much effect as graphic patterns or eye-catching drawings.

Hand lettering on bamboo cutlery

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